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The safest cycling helmet designed for E-bikes.

A futuristic approach to what a helmet should be, made for the optimal balance of safety & performance.


Full protection in a stylish design.

Integral protection in a lightweight format for people who value safety over performance. VIRGO helmet is suitable for e-bike riding, as well as for regular bike rides. Its design combines lightness, aeration, and complete protection of the face in case of a frontal crash.

Picto mobility virgo move

Made for e-bikes, scooters & other vehicles.

Picto light virgo move

Ventilation channels ensure optimized airflow for comfort.

Picto protection integral virgo move

Providing full face exceptional protection.

picto rear light virgo move

Highly visible in the urban & night environment.

virgo cycling helmet in front of eiffel tower
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For people who value safety & performance.

Integral facial protection.

A single shell provides a solid connection to the helmet liner, allowing for flexible shock absorption while protecting the chin and jaw.

virgo cycling helmet ride e-bike

Rotative switchable front visor.

The front visor is held in place by two magnetic fasteners on the front of the helmet. The lenses are interchangeable depending on weather conditions & light visibility. 

virgo cycling helmet front visor

Removable magnet
LED tail light.

Removable rear light secured by a magnet that can be used separately. Energy-efficient LED light, rechargeable via USB-C.

virgo cycling helmet backside in paris

Experience a new
level of safety.

Made of a polycarbonate shell with a protective layer of EPS. A combination of protection and lightness to keep up with your efforts without compromising your safety, look or performance.

virgo cycling helmet ride night

Higher speed, Higher Risks.

With the arrival of electric bikes in our cities, the speed is higher than ever. VIRGO helmet may be slightly heavier, providing better protection while still being comfortable while riding. It follows the hybridization of bicycles by offering extra safety.


Designed for all Two-wheeled vehicles.

Adapted to the needs of the new electric means of transportation. More speed, and less effort, resulting in a different perception of risk. VIRGO helmet can be used on various types of transportation modes, especially if you reach a high speed in a wild urban environment.

virgo cycling helmet for all mobilities
virgo cycling helmet light for night rides

Be seen on road at the night.

For any cyclist, a helmet is an essential piece of kit, and when the nights get longer and you need to get around in the dark, or rainy conditions, it is important to be visible. Placed at the back of the head, Virgo rear light is much more visible to drivers and cannot be obstructed by a bag or clothing.


The Safest E-bike Helmet.

Designed for E-Bikes or any Two-wheel vehicles. Made for the optimal balance of safety and performance.


Much better than an ordinary bicycle helmet.

A solution adapted to the new uses of e-bikes, scooters, or powered vehicles, which require greater protection and higher visibility than conventional bicycle helmets. What makes VIRGO helmet stand out is the safety technology within the shell. Multi-impact protection zones feature in the areas most likely to be hit in a fall.

virgo cycling helmet front chin protection

Integral flexible face protection.

Made to absorb impact while protecting the chin & jaw.

Helmet cycling helmet vents air

Multiple cooling vents.

Ventilated with 7 vents for more comfort on the bike.

virgo cycling helmet rotative visor

Rotative visor.

Can rotate on top of helmet.

virgo cycling helmet back light

Detachable rear light.

Energy-efficient LED light that turns on when braking that is rechargeable via USB-C.

virgo cycling helmet lightweight

Lightweight format.

Overall helmet weight between 600 g and 650 g. Simple conception around and ABS shell and an EPS Core.

virgo cycling helmet visors change

Several visor lenses.

Additional protection against weather conditions.

virgo cycling helmet fitting system

Fitting system.

Makes it easy to find a comfortable, secure fit. 

virgo cycling helmet mips system

Better brain protection.

The Mips system is designed to provide added safety for helmets in many accidents. For certain impacts, the Mips system can reduce harmful rotational motion that might otherwise be transferred to the user’s head.

The Mips system is used in many helmet types and by 100+ brands.

virgo cycling helmet rear light braking

Magnetic lock for easy removal.

LED tail light for fast electric bikes with integrated brake light. The built-in accelerometer detects braking.


Find the right match to follow your style.

Available in four great colors. VIRGO follows the latest trends with its edgy colors tailored to urban styles. Choose the best fit that suits your style on your daily commute.


Carbon Black Matte

Tailored to fit your daily commute thanks to its smart design. It complies with the safety standards, in Europe, Asia and North America.

virgo cycling helmet carbon black


Warm Sand Matte

Elegance and style for city-riders without compromising on safety, style and comfort.

virgo cycling helmet warm sand


Pure White Matte

Designed for the commuter cyclist, the urban bike helmet VIRGO is streetwear for the style-conscious rider

virgo cycling helmet pure white


Midnight Blue Matte

VIRGO was conceived to provide a superior fit and comfort, while capturing  current trends in urban mobility to improve safety.

virgo cycling helmet midnight blue

Designed for high speeds.

VIRGO helmet is designed to fit the safety needs of electric bikes and speed bikes. We designed it around the new European regulation NTA-8776, which is made for high speeds up to 45 km/h (28mp/h).  It also complies with regular bike certifications EN 1078 / CPSC.


Find the best setup to meet your needs.


Virgo helmet

Integral version

The set includes a full-face helmet, LED light, Visor, and several different-sized pads to find the right fit.


Virgo helmet

Mips version

Includes a full-face helmet, LED light, Visor, and several different-sized pads to find the right fit. + MIPS integrated system.


Virgo helmet

Full face version

Includes a full-face helmet, and several different-sized pads to find the right fit. LED light and Visor are sold separately.


Find the right size.

VIRGO helmet is designed in two sizes that cover the whole head scope, a size XS/S for women and teens and a size M/L for men. Helmet sizes are based on the circumference of your head. To determine the correct size, wrap a measuring tape around your head. 

virgo thebeam helmet sizing


Descriptions & technical specifications.

. Facial protection. Flexible hoop around the chin

. Rotative & removable front visor. Available in 3 colours

. LED Rear light. Removable rear LED light with magnet attachment

. Follows shock absorption certifications. EN1078 / NTA8776 / CPSC

. Lightweight format. Between 600g and 650g
. Available in 2 head sizes. XS/S and M/L

. Material composition. ABS monobloc shell and in-mold EPS liner

. Delivered with different fabric pads. Rear adjustment system

. Ventilated with 7 holes For more comfort on the bike

. Fitting system. Find the perfect fit to reduce moves on the head

. E-bike, Regular bike, scooter & skateboard Compatible

virgo thebeam helmet specifications

Several reasons,
one single solution. 

After a draft version was released, reactions from several countries were received and interest varied depending on the experiences and practices of the cyclists who came across the project, as well as the doctors who treated injuries from these accidents.


This will increase my confidence.

« I was involved in a cycling accident & broke my jaw. Having this helmet would give me confidence when riding & eliminate a lot of risks. »

Shelley M. - Australia


Its design is elegant & aesthetic.

« This model should be on the market and I would buy one right away. This idea had been floating around in my head for a long time. »

Meredith R. - New-Zeland


Perfect for my daily rides.

« I really like the design of the helmet I'm looking for something like this to wear every day when I ride my bike in the city. »

Attila Z. - Hungary


Regular helmets offer few protection.

« After researches I came to the conclusion that bicycle helmets which grant integral protection are to heavy & chunky to use for road cycling. »

Maximilian H. - Germany 


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